Why do you Need Local Garage Door Experts in Edina?

Having at hand a truly local Garage Door technician is something most of our customers in Edina appreciate.
Located a few feet away from Galleria Edina not only guarantees shorter response times for neighbors located between Richfield and Bloomington. Our technicians offer a truly deep insight when it comes to choosing the right materials and openers for your garage door.
We carry the best materials, parts and designs from Minneapolis, and from all over the US. You can now enjoy the variety and features that were once reserved to those living in the Twin Cities.
Most neighborhoods in Edina, like 50th and France or Armatage, have certain style and flair. That´s what makes them unique. Our garage doors are made to blend in with your community or bring something new to your location that will make it stand out.
We also take care of any emergency you might have with your Garage Doors.
• Broken Springs
• Broken Cables
• Malfunctioning Openers
• Dented Doors
• Broken Remotes
• Warped or Crooked doors

Call our expert Garage Door Technicians in Edina, and have a professional team take care of your garage door in no time.

Opening Hours:

Monday: 6AM-10PM
Tuesday: 6AM-10PM
Wednesday: 6AM-10PM
Thursday: 6AM-10PM
Friday: 6AM-10PM
Saturday: 6AM-10PM
Sunday: 6AM-10PM

7121 France Ave S, #607
Edina, Minnesota, 55435
(651) 888-8551

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